International Medsurg Connection is a certified Small - Minority Owned Company located in Schaumburg, IL with warehousing locations scattered across the USA. As a diverse supplier we strive daily to meet and exceed customer expectations because that is what is needed for us to survive. We focus and concentrate on essential requirements centered on delivering competitively priced products, with high levels of service and world-class quality results. We do so without losing sight of our core values based on the fundamental belief that, above all, our credibility is of upmost importance.

In addition to the array of products and services we offer, IMC has established ourselves and our infrastructure to be compatible with any customer, small sized to large. Despite our small status we have the personnel, operations and systems to operate in today's environment both efficiently and effectively. We interact with our customers to identify their needs and deliver cost effective results. We do not market our own brand or service to the end user community directly in an effort to support a basic, corporate philosophy that we don't want to compete with our customers.

If you are looking for a true partner that can address your needs and is designated as a supplier that can help you to achieve not only fiscal goals but, nurture, support and promote corporate goals focused on the growth and development of diverse suppliers, IMC can offer a solution.