Product Quality
As an FDA registered company which services the healthcare industry we realize the importance of delivering efficacious products to market in order to support positive procedural outcomes and mitigate potential patient risk and/or harm. In support of these critical goals IMC maintains a sustainable quality system encompassing procedures which support output consistency and ongoing quality improvements and enhancements. Our organization operates in accordance with a detailed quality manual developed with consideration of key aspects of both ISO and cGMP requirements.

IMC incorporates processes such as capability assessments, validation, corrective action and preventative action methods in order to maintain quality standards. IMC engages with facilities that are ISO certified and insist on working with partners that are committed to quality and maintain robust quality systems. For reference, both IMC and some of the facilities we partner with have been audited by the FDA with no major outstanding observations documented. We support development of Key Performance Indicators focused on quality, service and cost and welcome ongoing performance assessments on a consistent basis in order to ensure we are meeting our customer's expectations and delivering on the commitments we make as a valued partner.